Delivery & Returns

For more information on delivery and returns, please view our Delivery and Returns page.


What are your hours of operation?

Our customer support team is online Monday - Friday GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 9:00AM - 6:00PM . This allows us to get some well-earned rest in the evenings and weekends and come back better and badder each day!


Do you offer any discounts?

Follow us on instagram @rukahair to keep up with any other special offers we have.  


You can also sign up as a co-creator to receive exclusive community discounts in exchange for helping us improve our products!  

How do I choose a hair texture?

Great question.

If you’re purchasing products that need blending, you’ll probably want to go with a texture that accurately matches 


This depends on what look you’re going for and what you’re purchasing! If you’re purchasing clip-ins, you want to go with the texture that accurately matches your hair. Take our hair quiz to find out what your hair type is. 


If you’re going for a ponytail though, the match doesn’t matter so much. Maybe have a look at our instagram @rukahair for some inspiration? 


If you’re still not sure, send us an email at help@rukahair.com. We’d be happy to help!


How much do I need for a full head?

Our clip-in sets are 160g and therefore designed to be enough to cover a full head for lengths 18” and below. However, if you’re looking for a very full look, or purchasing lengths above 18”, you may want to consider getting two packs.  


See below our model Rutendo who used 1 pack of the Think Kink clip-ins. 


What hair length should I choose?

The length of the hair you select will always be based on the straight length of the hair. However, due to the accuracy of our hair texture to your real hair, it’ll experience shrinkage in the form of coils and curls. This shrinkage is on average about 40% shorter than the straightened length.  


Click here to see our hair length table to get an idea of the potential shrinkage when the hair is tightened. We also provide the stretched length which can be done with methods used to stretch your own hair (combing out, braid/twist outs or whatever your preferred method is)! 


How long does the hair last?

RUKA sources 100% real hair which is prone to the same shedding and tangling that our own hair would experience. With the right TLC, our hair typically lasts around 6 months with daily installation and up to a year with less frequent installation.


This means avoiding heat, chemicals and treating your RUKA extensions with the same love you would your own hair. You will receive a care instruction card with every purchase, with instructions on how to maintain your RUKA hair extensions.


What is the colour of the hair?

To avoid the use of chemicals, our hair comes in the natural colour.


This means that it hasn’t been dyed and will mostly resemble a #1B (natural black) or #2 colour (brown-black), with some slight variation given it’s not dyed.  

Can the hair be dyed/bleached?

Yes it can! However, keep in mind that whenever you apply colour that’s very light, the hair is slightly damaged in the process and can suffer loss of curl pattern/hair loss. This is because the process means you are removing proteins and melanin from the hair! 


For best results, we recommend giving it over to a professional who is familiar with colouring curly and coily hair, to ensure that your hair is under the best care.  


Can the hair be straightened?

Yes it can. But again, like our own this hair is susceptible to heat damage and loss of curl pattern. So we recommend that you only do so when you absolutely have to! 


My hair falls under more than one curl pattern description, which hair texture should I purchase?

You’re not alone, most people fall under more than one curl pattern! We’ve developed our hair extensions with that in mind.  


If you’re only leaving out a small amount of hair, we recommend going for the hair texture that most closely resembles the hair you plan to leave out.  


How do I install my clip-ins?

How you install your clip-ins will depend on your desired final look. 

To wear your hair out as is with a little added volume, simply part your hair in thin sections and select a row of clip-ins wide enough for that section you have parted. Once you have lined the row of clip-ins with the parted section,  snap open the clips, slip them into your roots one after the other, and gently snap them back shut. 


To wear your clip-ins with as little leave out as possible, create your parting where you want it to be. Next, section out a small portion of hair on either side of the parting. If you want to wear your hair pulled back, simply part a small section going across your hairline from ear to ear. Following this, gather and tuck away the remainder of your hair - the part you don’t want to be left out. You can do this by putting it in large plaits, cornrows, or even a bun. Next, take one row of clip-ins at a time and begin to slip and snap them into your hair from the back/bottom and work your way up to the top/front of your head. Blend the small portions of hair you left out with the clip-ins to finish the look. 


Your clip-ins should feel secure but not tight or uncomfortable. 


Can I swim with my hair extensions?

Absolutely - just give it a good deep conditioning after as salt water / chlorine can remove all the moisture from hair.  


Can I sleep with my hair extensions?

You sure can, we’d just recommend wrapping your hair the same way you would your own hair! 


What type of hair care products should I use?

Cleanse your clip-ins with a gentle shampoo or co-washing cleanser. To condition your RUKA hair, apply your favourite deep conditioner and brush through for even distribution. Wrap in hair in a plastic bag and keep in a warm place for up to 30 minutes before rinsing out.   


To enhance the texture in your kinky/coily/kinky clip-ins: apply a light coating of  your favourite curl/coil defining leave-in to the hair when it’s still wet, and gently brush through each row of clips with your favourite defining brush. Lay the hair down on some old newspaper and leave it to air dry before re-installing.  


If you wish to straighten and/or apply direct heat to your RUKA hair, be sure to apply a heat protecting serum to it prior to doing so.


Are you open to collaborations and PR?

Yes! We're super excited to collaborate and work with people and publications where we feel there is a great fit with the vision of our brand. Please reach out at info@rukahair.com for any enquiries!