Hair Journey

Our hair is sourced ethically from partners based in South East Asia, specifically India and Bangladesh. This hair comes from women who sell on their hair after cutting it and often rely on selling hair as a source of income.

We work with a manufacturer based in Qingdao, who source this hair from partners and they have verified that the process of both sourcing and manufacturing is done ethically. This, alongside their R&D capability, has been certified by TUV Rheinland Group. When the hair arrives, it is washed and sterilised. Different curl patterns are then achieved using a steam chemical-free technique.We chose them because they have 15+ years of experience in the industry, the ability to innovate on textures, a chemical-free curl creation technique, the ability to scale and most importantly the independent verification as an ethical supplier.

The hair arrives to our warehouse in London, there we pack it in our 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard boxes. The envelope we ship it in is made out of 100% compostable material.