Treat someone special with the chance to choose what hair makes them feel gorgeous, confident, and most like themselves.

The RUKA Gift Card was launched because we understand that your loved ones know how to make themselves feel as good as they deserve, but you can definitely give them the right tools.

The RUKA Gift Card can be used to purchase any extensions, accessories, or kits on the RUKA website.

Hair Length Guide

The length of the hair you select will always be based on the straight length of the hair. However, due to the accuracy of our hair texture to your real hair, it’ll experience shrinkage in the form of coils and curls. This shrinkage is on average about 40% shorter than the straightened length. 

See the table below to get an idea of the potential shrinkage when the hair is tightened. We also provide the stretched length which can be done with methods used to stretch your own hair (combing out, braid/twist outs or whatever your preferred method is)!


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