Curl Type Guide

There’s a lot about black hair care that can be complicated/tedious/confusing. We didn’t think this needed to be too.

The science behind textured hair is glorious, but figuring out how to describe it shouldn’t be rocket science. We’re not sure how it became that way, but we’re just going to say what everyone’s been thinking…this is all a bit much. Our hair care should be as simple, straightforward, and fun as it can be. Certainly more so than it has been historically. Part of what that looks like for us is having a more intuitive way to talk about the textures we all know and love. How would you describe your hair to someone who asked you about it right now? Is it kinky, coily, curly, or stretched? How much so? Is it tightly curly, loosely, or somewhere in the middle? These descriptions are how we already think about our hair, and so it only makes sense to save ourselves the unnecessary for us to continue using the language that clearly works.

You will see these symbols around a lot. They represent the 4 terms that are most commonly used to describe the range of textured hair.



We also know that not all hair within these four categories are the same, and so within each texture family will be a small range from loosely to tightly, represented as follows:



We’ve created this system as a guide to help you navigate the Ruka World in a way that is ideal and unique to you. All this means is that you can immediately identify whether that product, style, or tip is ideal for the hair texture you are looking for. We know just as much as you do that textured hair cannot be put in a box, and so our goal for this framework is for it to be a guide, and not an absolute prescription.

The most important takeaway from this guide is to know that however you choose to wear it, your hair belongs here. So here’s to more curls, more coils, and much more you!