Hi, we are RUKA

We make hair products designed with your real textures in mind. Here you'll find the same curls and coils you love in our extensions, perfected to accurately match your curl type.

We celebrate black women

And we were founded in 2020 on the belief that there needed to be more companies in the hair space that truly understood and served us. We started testing textures with our co-creator community, a phenomenal group of black women dedicated to shaping the future of black hair, and our source of guidance and inspiration.

And we are the future

Every aspect of your journey with us is thoughtfully designed to make you feel like your best self. Bringing science and education to the table, we're creating products that not only look great, but are the best for your hair. Our manufacturing process is chemical free and our partners have been independently verified for ethical working practices.

This is our team

When I started RUKA, I wanted to create the solution that I had craved for as long as I could remember. A brand that listened, innovated and treated me as a worthy consumer. No one needs to dig that deep to realise that the shopping experience for black women in the hair space is completely flawed. RUKA is here to offer something that's been needed for a long time.