Think Kink Bundle

The ultimate must-haves for 'Team Sew-In' and 'Team Wig life'

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Our Think Kink bundle are both buildable and blend-able, helping you easily achieve your desired custom look. Sew-in, u-part or half-up half-down... take your pick!


Good to know

- 100% Virgin Human Hair
- Easy to install
- Chemical-free
- Can apply heat and can be dyed
- Ethically sourced

Why RUKA hair is special

It's double drawn, so over 75% of the hairs used in each set of RUKA extensions are true to the advertised length (unlike the industry standard single drawn extensions at 50%+/-). This means the hair is more consistent in volume from top to bottom, will tangle less, lasts longer, and just looks better.

It has the RUKA Quality Guarantee - every single bundle that makes it into your hands has passed through an extensive in-house quality assessment to ensure what you receive is nothing short of the best, period.


It's texture has been created with the science in mind, for the best texture accuracy you can find. Totally unclockable, totally you. It's also virgin human hair, so you can wash it and treat it like you really do own it!

The hair in each bundle has been wefted with great care to create a clean finish, with minimal shedding.

Bundle Weights: 14-18" = 100g / 20-22" = 120g

Lara wears 3x 24" Think Kink Bundles with a 22" 5*5 Closure.

Step by Step guide

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Step 1

So you got a Ruka wig made, huh? We see you! Apply your favourite leave-in and put your hair back into a flat low bun, plaits, or cornrows.

Step 2

Put on a skin coloured wig cap to cover all your hair and create a bald cap look.

Step 3

Put on your wig and very gently pull the lace area forward to about an inch in front of your wig cap.

Step 4

Define or fluff out your curls and kinks as you please to style. How will they know?